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GSL Technology International  Ltd.

GSL Technology International Limited established in 1994, specialized in the Document Imaging industry with over 20 years experience. Our mission, which is also our ultimate goal, is to become the most successful hardware and software supplier in Document Imaging and to provide best service to our clients/resellers.
In order to meet the fast growing need in Mainland China, Beijing and GuangZhou office have been setup in 1994. And also because of our wide coverage, we are the right choice to manage the need of multi-national solutions & international deals. Our strength lies on our human resource. With the help of the trained personnel in each office of its operations, both in sales & support, we proved to be a supportive, reliable & innovative system integration support company in each region.
Based on the philosophy of one-stop-shop, our company carries almost all the necessary components in the document imaging system. Ranged from the front-end scanning system/devices, to the operation software and storage system/devices, we represents leading edge products from highly respected vendors in the business. 

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